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I have worked for Black Tie Limo for over 13 years. My original reasons were to accommodate my home life. I had 3 young children when I started and I needed the flexible schedule so I could be home during the day. Black Tie gave me the flexibility as well as a good weeks pay. Many years later the job still provides the reasons why I started in the first place.

Beth S. hired May 2002

I’ve worked for Black Tie for almost 2 years now. I retired at age 56 from the postal service over four years ago.  My idea of retirement is the ability to travel, so I needed to find a part-time job that fit my time off requirements. I wanted to work 2 days a week with 3 months off every winter, and Black Tie was able to fill those requirements.

I never pictured myself as a chauffeur, but I have to say that I truly enjoy the job.  One of my daughters commented to a picture I posted of myself in my uniform “my mom’s never too old to start a new career”.  She’s proud of my courage to try something new.  Every day is a new adventure to me. I meet fascinating people and have driven them to some beautiful places in New England.

The owner, staff and chauffeurs are friendly, helpful and very professional.  It’s a great company to work for and they show their appreciation of you by having several barbeques at the shop several times during the summer and one of the best Christmas parties that I’ve ever been to. Overall I am very satisfied with the job, the environment, and the working relationships I have established.

Martha H. hired February 2014

After 28 years as a chauffeur with Black Tie Limousine, I appreciate the professionalism in the way that the company is run. There is no question why it continues to be a successful business. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance, and it shows in all areas of the company.

Throughout my years driving for Black Tie, I’ve made long-lasting friendships, had some interesting experiences, and met so many great people. Every day is different, and more of an adventure than a job.

Mark D. hired January 1987

I have been driving for Black Tie for seven months. As a recent retiree, I have found the position of professional chauffeur a perfect match for my needs. The nontraditional hours compliment my schedule. Our management is supportive and flexible. The training provided is professional, thorough and complete. Our dispatchers are insightful and the chauffeurs’ team oriented. I find our clients to be interesting, and many of the destinations unique. The driving can occasionally be challenging, but has definitely sharpened my local navigation skills.

I highly recommend anyone interested exploring a part time position or full time career to consider Black Tie.

Mark K. hired March 2015

The one thing that I appreciate most coming to Black Tie to work is the friendly, family oriented atmosphere. It has been great working on a team with people from different cultures and different generations because I learn a lot from my coworkers. I also appreciate that Black Tie has an amazing track record in the industry.

Scott W. hired October 2013

I thoroughly enjoy working as a chauffeur at Black Tie Limousine. With well over 20 years of experience and a former livery company owner, Black Tie was always and still is the leader and the benchmark in the Boston market. It’s a great opportunity and augments well with my primary job and I’m afforded a flexible schedule at Black Tie that suits my needs and enjoy serving Black Tie’s clients and working with an awesome team of professional chauffeurs. I am proud to be associated with and working for Black Tie Limousine and have a passion for this industry.

Earl K. hired September 2013

Black Tie Limousine, Inc., founded in 1983 by Mark Mollica has established a reputation for excellence in chauffeured services. Black Tie chauffeurs are cross trained to provide outstanding service for corporate executives, entertainers, and a wide variety of non-corporate clients including wedding services. A respectful atmosphere allows highly trained and experienced chauffeurs to take part in the Metro Boston region’s most interesting events. Our chauffeurs can be seen at Boston’s most important business meetings, concerts, weddings, and regional events. Chauffeurs enjoy a variety of work where no two days are the same, they see the beauty of New England from the road not an office, and often find themselves learning more about their city as they are exposed to cultural and social events. Chauffeurs with the necessary credentials operate sedans, SUV’s, Limousines, Vans, Trolleys, Buses and even vintage Rolls Royce limousines. Flexible schedules, leading industry technology, and a growing family owned business offer a great opportunity for a career change or added part time income.